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On New Ventures


This post will be brief; all I’m doing is announcing the new place you can go to see my words.

I am proud to announce that as of today, I am officially a contributor to The Ace of Geeks. Every week I’ll be writing The Pull List, a review column focused on the comics I read this week, as well as new trade collections I recommend. I’ll be contributing other articles on a more ad hoc basis, but The Pull List is the guaranteed place to see me.

I’m pleased as punch to be joining the Ace of Geeks staff; I’ve loved them since I first got introduced to their podcast via mutual friends, and I was absolutely delighted and flattered when Mike asked me to start writing for them. This feels like a big step for me and I’ve been very excited ever since he pinged me; it’s nice to finally get a column out so I can say something about it!

Currently, the Pull List will publish every Thursday; if that changes I’ll make sure to let you know. I’ll post links in my Twitter feed rather than spam them at you both there and here (SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MORE TWITTER FOLLOWERS), but for now, the first one is here.

I hope those of you who aren’t already Ace of Geeks fans join us on the regular, and I’ll look forward to seeing you in our comments sections!

On Publication

I’ll keep this one short.

I am happy to report that my short story “The Captain’s Wife” will be appearing in The Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls.  It’s an honor to be a part of it.

In addition, I’m once again appearing with my friend Matt Marovich. We’ve been friends since our freshman year of college, and this is a place in our lives I couldn’t even dream of being now. Congratulations, bro.


In Lights

So, it’s official. Trees have been chopped down to print one of my stories.

I am proud to say that as of last night, I have held in my hands a printed, paperback, glossy cover, honest-to-God copy of Beast Within 2: Predatory and Prey, containing if not featuring my short story “Act Natural.” I’m actually really proud of this one (though I made the mistake of trying to read it last night and hoo boy…I’ll not call attention to what I saw there).  I have so many copies, for donation to the library and for my friends and my loved ones. After the move is over I will be taking a pen to these copies and autographing them. Autographing. A book. With my name in it.

Between that and getting a special call-out from an author I helped copyedit this week, I am honestly on Cloud Nine. Even with the Giant’s Causeway of boxes currently forming in my front room, even with moving deadlines looming, even with all that, I’m as happy as a clam because you know what? I got published. I took a step. I’m moving on up. All those things you hear yourself wish you could say and never really get to are right here and it makes it feel a little easier to take the next steps after this.

Thanks to everybody who helped me with this, who coaxed me this, who wanted this for me. Thanks to everybody who “Liked” this on Facebook and celebrated this.  You are the network I did not know I had, the network I’m so proud to have, and I’m so grateful you’re all here. I’d name you all off but I’d inevitably forget somebody, so I will instead go with: let’s do it again, yeah?

Oh, and of course, for those who are interested, you can order Beast Within 2 at the Graveside Books site, here.


Pleasant News

I am happy–beyond happy, elated–to announce that I have sold a story.  My short piece “Riding Westbound” will be published in Space Tramps: Full-Throttle Space Tales #5, to be published September 2011.  It’s a privilege to be included, and I’m looking forward to seeing another of my stories in print among what I’m sure will be esteemed company.

S. and I celebrated last night with moscato; today, I am celebrating by writing.  After all, the most important part of any big step is remembering the proper way to land.

A Sacrifice

Oh look, I again haven’t blogged for two weeks. Shame on me.

The truth is, I’ve been meaning to post here for at least the past week, to say something or other; but I’ve been busy.  Very busy.  I was assigned my first real, serious copyedit at my day job, which has left me tapped out mentally more nights than not–a good feeling, like the prickly heat buzz after some intense exercise, but an exhausting feeling nevertheless.  Then, a week ago yesterday, I was offered a writing deadline for my night job, and I took it.  And there went the rest of my time.

It was an intense week, occasionally difficult, but always rewarding. And yesterday at 4pm, the sacrifice paid off.

I am pleased to announce that my short story, “Act Natural”, will be appearing in The Beast Within 2, forthcoming from Graveside Books. I do not have a publication date to hand, and there are edits and things to do between then and there; but you will see an official announcement from me as soon as I have the necessary data.  Thank you, again, for being a greasy truck stop on my little journeys through the writing world, and I look forward to announcing yet more publications in the near(ish) future.

Onward and upward!


I somehow completely forgot about this; I think I misplaced the email that reminded me.

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate, if 36 days late, because my flash fiction piece “Vote your Conscience” is available for your perusal at Everyday Weirdness. Visit their main site here and see my bright, shining star of a story here.

The Publications page will update soon.  Also, I’ll check into why the updates on the EW site have become so sporadic, I’m concerned it may be going the way of all flesh (and Nossa Morte).  For now, let’s enjoy a hypothetical drink together and celebrate one more paving stone on the road to a career!

The right foot

Let’s get this blog started for real, shall we?

I am happy to report that since the retirement of my previous blog and the establishment of this one, your humble narrator has received not one, but two acceptance letters for short works.

The first, as I believe I mentioned on Blogger, came at the perfect time, just before one of those yearly bouts of Rethinking My Life was able to get any real momentum.  So, allow me to say again that my short piece “Another Bite” is available for viewing at Nossa Morte. It’s their final issue, so do go and give them a read–they deserve your attention.

The second will not be out for some months, so I luck out and get to celebrate again later; my flash piece “Vote Your Conscience” will be appearing in November at Everyday Weirdness. The site is, as with the last one, worth your attention even when I’m not on it*, so go and give them a look-see as well in the meantime.

That’s all the news I have for now, other than the continued effort to chisel away at this site; so please continue to forgive us our coding errors and bare-bones appearance, and we’ll continue to provide what we can in the way of content.