About the Author

11000322_10153186664087755_2247248492048811741_oTyler Hayes started writing at the age of eight, mostly out of a feeling that there were more stories to tell than the ones he was being given; he owes the real jumpstart to his career to the works of Powers, Chandler, and Whedon, who showed him how true a fantasy could be, and how a snappy exchange made all the difference. Tyler draws from a lifelong infatuation with urban legends, uncensored fairytales, and film noir to produce a surrealistic, dialogue-driven style that focuses on cinematic description and noir witticism rather than internal monologue; he strives to invoke the painful joy and curious dread he felt as a child, when the world was still hidden behind whispers and early bedtimes.

Tyler’s work has previously appeared in Anotherealm, Nossa Morte, The Edge of Propinquity, and Quantum Muse.  He currently resides in Mountain View, California with his wife, a cabinet full of notebooks, a stuffed triceratops, and a great deal of hope for the future.