Selected Writings

While you are encouraged to seek out magazines, books, and the stores that sell them as your primary outlets for literature, there is something to be said for an archive of previous works; and given that an online magazine quite reasonably does not eat up its own bandwidth holding onto a story it no longer has the rights to, the majority of Tyler’s previous publications are no longer available out there in the Intertron (at least, not with his permission).

With that in mind, Tyler makes these stories available to you free of charge, though he would love any publicity or (be still his heart) small donation you might choose to grant him.  Link him via Facebook and Twitter to your heart’s delight; and if money is more your thing, a PayPal donation link is provided at the bottom of each story and on the main blog page.

In addition to the works available here, Tyler’s short story “Another Bite” is available in the May 2010 issue of Nossa Morte.  May 2010 is also, sadly, Nossa Morte‘s final issue, so support them while you can, and if the link seems to be dead, please alert the management so we can edit it.

Current Offerings

Alpha and Omega Here“: 500 words; original.

And She Walked“: 1600 words; previously appeared in Anotherealm.

Live from the Serpent Room“: 5200 words; previously appeared in The Edge of Propinquity.

Where the Magic Went“: 900 words; original.

All works on this page are the copyrighted property of Tyler Hayes; all rights reserved.